What to expect at your Colour Selections Appointment

We’ve put together an easy to understand video featuring our leading colour consultant Jenny Page. Jenny walks you through the process of booking an appointment online and what to expect during your colour consultation.

Whether you’re completing a new build or updating your home’s facade, the selection of external finishes is among the most crucial steps in the design process. The right palette will cement your property’s street appeal and should establish a strong aesthetic sensibility that will carry through to the internal spaces. However, with an overwhelming array of colour and material options now available, the exterior scheme is all-too-often left to the builder or project architect to determine, despite being one of the most personal – and usually permanent – aspects of the home.

“Colour and material choices can be daunting,” says Brickworks colour consultant Jenny Page. “A decision on colour is no longer bound to light or dark. Textures are no longer limited to smooth or rough. When you consider Brickworks products extend through 21 ranges, and over 130 colours and textures, the modern homebuilder is spoilt for choice.” The unique, complimentary service offered by Jenny and her team of master colourists promises to demystify this process and cut through the breadth of finishes on the market, refining a palette that reflects your personal taste and the planned or existing architecture of your home. “Each of our centres and studios has in-house experts to help you bring together all the elements you need to realise your design and style.”

Jenny suggests collecting inspiration from books, magazines and other reference material and bringing these to your consultation, along with your house plans and builder’s materials schedule. Channelling these influences, Jenny’s team will confer with you to better understand the unique requirements of your home and guide you through the Brickworks range. “A dedicated colour consultant will work with you, utilising our samples, schemes and tools to help you identify your own personal taste, allowing you then to select your products to match your style and budget,” says Jenny. This is a highly bespoke, collaborative and hands-on approach that will offer solutions that are perfectly tailored to your home.


“During the appointment, we will go through the whole exterior colour selection of your home,” says Jenny. “From walling and cladding, roofing and gutters, frames and posts, doors and garages, right through to landscaping needs, including paving and retaining.” Having checked off what might have been a daunting list of considerations, a Brickworks colour consultant will devise a cohesive finishes scheme and a comprehensive action plan for your home’s exterior. “After your appointment you will leave the design centre with a detailed record of all your external selections and, most importantly, confidence that you are creating a beautiful home that will last a lifetime.”


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