Wolf House
Wolf House - Daniel Robertson Clay Crafted Bricks

Quick Facts


Chadstone VIC


Taras & Rebecca Wolf

Builder/ bricklayer:

David Toebelmann


Wolf Architects


Dave Kulesza, Michael Laurie, Taras Wolf

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Designing his family home and office was one of the hardest tasks architect Taras Wolf has faced because “you have accumulated too many ideas over the years of doing other people’s houses and gathered a notebook in your head of all the things you want to do.”

Wolf House
Wolf House - Daniel Robertson Bricks

Wolf was pragmatic when it came to selecting building materials and technologies. “We didn’t use any fancy technology, or anything untried and untested.” He chose premium-quality Daniel Robertson bricks, 50mm high to the front and sides, standard 76mm high to the rear, as the primary walling material.

Wolf values the many, time-proven technical qualities of bricks, but also recognises their emotional and symbolic importance, imparting what he calls “psychological comfort” to its occupants.

Wolf House
Wolf House, Chadstone, VIC

Internally the house is light filled and open, with 28 intertwined spaces over 10 level changes. There are many playful touches including his multi-purpose design office that also houses his prized Mercedes 280SL convertible.


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