Mount Lawley Year 7 Building
Mount Lawley Year 7 Building

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Mount Lawley Senior High School, WA

Structural Engineer:


Brick and Blocklayer:

PWD Construction


Pyramid Constructions (WA)


Sandover Pinder


Anne Neil, Noeleen Hamlett


Ron Tan


Mount Lawley SHS; Building Management and Works – WA Department of Finance, Department of Education

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Mount Lawley Year 7 Building
Mount Lawley Glazed Building


A new Year 7 facility at Mount Lawley Senior High School in Perth’s inner north will assist students making the transition from primary school. The two-storey building houses general classrooms, and music and science facilities. It is primarily constructed in double brick (cavity brickwork), a common construction technique in Western Australia.

The most notable aspect is five large-scale artworks integrated into the building fabric, designed and constructed solely using a wide selection of glazed bricks from Austral Bricks colourful Burlesque series. The artists, Anne Neil and Noeleen Hamlett, drew on the school’s strong Chinese ties and the area’s Aboriginal heritage, to create the dramatic and inspirational panels.

The architect Paolo Basini describes the facility as “educationally functional (with) inspirational spaces for the students, staff and visitors to enjoy.” The bricklayer, Alan Power, says the artworks “look absolutely fantastic … I think any child would love to learn there.”

Mount Lawley Year 7 Building
Mount Lawley Senior High School


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