Max Webber Library, NSW
Max Webber Library Building, NSW

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The Max Webber Library comprises two large modules. One, clad in glass shaded by metallic louvres, holds the public lending and browsing areas. The other, finished in Terraçade XP facade tiles, houses the book stacks and a multi-function centre.

Max Webber Library, NSW
Max Webber Library, NSW

“The Terraçade tiles give a warmth to the building, contrasting with the metallic character of the louvres and the transparency of the glass,” says project architect, Lance White. “Terracotta is a maintenance-free product. It is robust and durable, (and) has a very long life span.

Max Webber Library, NSW
Max Webber Library - Terracade XP
Max Webber Library, NSW
Max Webber Library - Terracade XP

“Construction-wise, it was fairly seamless. It’s a well thought-out product,” he adds. “The (Terraçade) system was very easy to construct and everything worked well. Aesthetically, the product was specifically chosen for its natural qualities, which like clay bricks, has minor colour variance which enriches its character, rather than a flat monotone manufactured colour. All in all,” White concludes, “I think it is a successful product.”


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