Kane Constructions Brisbane HQ
Kane Constructions Precast Concrete, Brisbane

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14 Fox Street, Albion QLD 4010

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Kane Constructions


Marc&Co + coarchitecture

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Austral Precast


Kane Constructions

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Queensland Panel Installation

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Site restrictions, aesthetics and speedy construction were just three reasons why Kane Constructions chose precast concrete panels for their new Queensland head office. Installation on the 10 metre by 40 metre site with three metre setbacks front and rear, required significant planning and traffic management by Austral Precast, the panel installer and builder.

Kane Constructions Brisbane HQ
Kane Constructions Brisbane HQ

The external panels, each weighing up to 18 tonnes, demanded precise setout as they sat on the site boundaries.

The complex internal design of the three-storey building, dubbed The Green Fox, was a further challenge, necessitating innovative bracing solutions for the panels and non-traditional props for the precast concrete columns. Despite these challenges and the complex slab rebates and penetrations, the installation went smoothly.

Kane Constructions Brisbane HQ
Architectural Precast Concrete Brisbane
Kane Constructions Brisbane HQ
Architectural Precast Concrete Brisbane

“It is only through pushing the boundaries of good design and application of technology, together with use of offsite materials, that innovation becomes mainstream practice”, says Kane’s David Rutter. “It is this aspect of the project we are most proud of.”


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