Claremont House
Claremont House in Perth

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Claremont WA

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Dryka Consulting Engineers


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The renovation and extension of this grand Federation house in Perth builds on its heritage in a very contemporary way.

Claremont House
Claremont House, WA

The brickwork is both formal and classic, playing on elements of light and shade and drawing on Spanish-Islamic influences in the design detail. “We wanted to choose a building material that would tie in with the character of the local streetscape,” says architect Joe Chindarsi, “but we also wanted to do something different and be bold, so we chose brick.”

Claremont House
Claremont House - Austral Glazed Bricks
Claremont House
Claremont House - Austral Gloss Bricks

Austral Bricks™ traditional Leonora red bricks complement the original brickwork, while high-gloss black and softly-glazed white bricks create a stunning counterpoint inside and outside the new extension.

“I love the way glazes and sheens and matte finishes play with natural light,” says Joe. “As your eyes move across the brickwork, light adds a whole new dimension. The brickwork injects a lot of personality into the property. It is still traditional brick, only it’s brick with a twist.”


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