Aquatic & Leisure Centre, SA
SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre

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Marion Domain, Oaklands Park SA


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A metre-wide “lazy river” of cobblestones meanders through the clay-paved plaza fronting Australia’s newest international-standard swim centre. The SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre is a mixed-use development incorporating a swimming and diving complex, leisure pools and health care centre.

Aquatic & Leisure Centre, SA
Marion Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Oaklands Park SA

The ochre tones of Austral Bricks™ Toasted Charwood clay pavers from the Commercial™ 65 Range predominate in the plaza which winds around the Centre’s western and southern faces. The pavers are laid in a herringbone pattern over a base of highly-compacted sand and cement-stabilised road base.

Aquatic & Leisure Centre, SA
Aquatic & Leisure Centre - Commercial Clay Pavers
Aquatic & Leisure Centre, SA
Aquatic & Leisure Centre - Commercial Clay Pavers

A second clay paver colour, Taupe, also from the Commercial 65 Range, is laid inside concentric concrete circles and rings that mimic ripples and define the Centre’s main entries. These pavers are also laid in a herringbone pattern that aligns with the main paving.

The Centre’s facilities will nurture future swimming and diving stars as well as creating a place for the community to relax, learn to swim and get fit.


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