Am-60, Brisbane City, QLD
Am-60, Brisbane City, QLD

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Masonry Contractor:

Mozbiz P/L

Structural Engineer:

Sheehy & Partners Pty. Ltd


Hutchinson Builders


Sam Thies & Donovan Hills

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Brisbane has few brick buildings remaining in its CBD. One of the streets that this high-rise commercial office tower addresses is fortunate to have a number of them, as does the immediate precinct. Building in brick offered a way of being contextual through material.

Am-60, Brisbane City, QLD
AM60, Donovan Hill Architects

While characterised by a slick and colourful glassy facade, this project uses tactile concrete and masonry elements to give contrasting character and scale, including an embellished masonry screen protecting four levels of glass-skinned boardrooms.

Am-60, Brisbane City, QLD
Am-60 - Bowral Bricks Charolais Cream
Am-60, Brisbane City, QLD
Am-60 - Bowral Bricks Charolais Cream

This screen acknowledges the tradition of masonry used as ‘filigree’ – filtering sun and light and thus mitigating the extremes of climate. Here the solidity of a fully bonded wall is exchanged for a delicate but continuous open weave.


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