Architect Spotlight – Rosa Coy

Rosa Coy

Coy Yiontis is a highly awarded architectural practice recognised within the industry for its rigorous approach. Thoughtful and meticulous, this approach is defined by experience and knowledge reflecting 30 years of architecture across residential, retail, commercial and institutional projects; in Australia and abroad. The firm is known across all sectors for their highly crafted architecture and interiors, clarity of design and innovative use of materials and space.

Rosa Coy and George Yiontis have been practicing architecture for over 30 years. They collaborated with some of the leading practices both nationally and internationally. After almost a decade working in Europe they returned to Australia to establish their practice in late 1996. Since then the studio has completed numerous residential and commercial projects and developed a reputation for highly crafted and detailed architecture and interiors of exceptional quality. Their work has received numerous awards and has been published in books, magazines and newspapers, both locally and abroad.

Humble House, Photography by Tatjana Plitt

How would you describe your design philosophy in three words?

Beauty in simplicity.

How do you see design improving our quality of life, and how we live, work, consume and connect?

Good design can be applied to every aspect of life to maximise the potential of any experience – be that at work or play. Poor design is irresponsible and lazy and on large scale can have catastrophic effects. There is no excuse for poor design.

Nolan House. Photography by Peter Clarke.

As society enters an unprecedented period of globalization, do you believe that Australian designers have a unique aesthetic or attitude?

Having worked abroad in my formative years, I know that Australian designers have a reputation for being hardworking and innovative. We have the freedom to bring a creativity unburdened by history to our work which is appreciated and envied.

How do you see design shaping the world around us?

Design influences every aspect of our life and can either enrich or diminish our experiences.

House 3. Photography by Peter Clarke.

For you, what is the most challenging part of the design process and what is the most rewarding?

The design process for us is basically problem solving. It is rewarding when a design strategy falls into place as if it was meant to be. The greatest challenge is dealing with authorities and naysayers. It takes courage to fight for good design.

If you were to give yourself an unrestricted creative brief, what this look like?

Restrictions are a major component in any brief and the resulting design responds and reacts to these. Design freedom and a trusting client are the greatest gifts.

Berkley Dobson. Photography by Peter Clarke.

At Brickworks, we are devotees to good design, what do you look for in good design?

Innovative use of materials, old and new.

Brunelleschi's Dome. Photography by Mr. Don B

And finally, who are your design heroes?

Mies, Kahn, Brunelleschi, Scarpa, Fehn, Neutra, Bunshaft, Ellwood.

Website: Coy Yiontis

Instagram: coyyiontis

Twitter: coyyiontis

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Architect Spotlight – Rosa Coy

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