2017 Colour Trend Forecast


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At Brickworks we continue to push the envelope in the building manufacturing industry with an unwavering dedication to innovation and forward thinking, recently enlisting Australian Trend Forecast to prepare an overview of global architectural colour trends for the coming year. Dedicated to creating beautiful environments, Brickworks Building Products has built a solution driven response around ATF’s four key trends for 2017: Dawning, Gaia’s Land, Touch Me, and Cat’s Cradle.


Trend #1: Dawning – Dark Indigo shades of night through to the filtered layers of purple to coral, morphing with ice white blues and pinks haloed by shimmering coppery tones – reminiscent of a new day.

Trend #2: Gaia’s Land – a harmonious marriage of earthy shades of rust, bronze, green and blue. Think citrine, antique gold, chesnut and petrol. 

Trend #3: Touch Me – an elementary palette of sand, grey, biscuit, pearl and lava invites a tactile discovery. 

Trend #4: Cat’s Cradle – satin, greige, pebble and graphite, tied together with slick, inky black.


We’ll be seeing the full spectrum of dreamy sunrise shades, from blush, to smokey pinks, as a beautiful complement to cool greys – our dominant neutral palette at the moment. In the past decade, the ‘latte’ palette was the trend, with warm neutrals inspired by coffee and browns. Pinks and yellows do not marry well with warm neutrals so with a shift to cooler greys, we are able to reintroduce these warm colours back into our homes with stunning results,” said Kim Chadwick, Director of Australian Trend Forecasting. 

Overall, the story for 2017 is a whisper rather than a shout. “The colour palette is definitely more subdued tones. From blush to duck egg blues, white, grey and black, copper and aged metals, and lots of timber and concrete,” said Kim.

Above colour, “the stand out trend for 2017 is raw materials. Natural clay, stone, concrete, uncoated timber, metals.  In terms of colour, the strongest for exteriors is black and all shades of grey.”

The four key trends form the basis of our Style Inspiration colour scheme boards, designed to inspire confidence and assist customers in selecting the colours and materials for the exterior of their home.

The style boards range from Blanco (white bricks) to Raven (black bricks) with all shades of clay in between, and provide a complete exterior and landscaping solution across all budgets…

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2017 Colour Trend Forecast

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