Bristile Sonnen Parternship

Leader in Roofing Solutions, Bristile Roofing, and Germany’s leading solar storage provider, sonnen, have signed an agreement which will see sonnen become the national supplier of solar-powered battery and energy management solutions for homes using Bristile Roofing’s soon to be launched integrated solar tile.


Bristile Roofing is part of the Brickworks group, one of Australia’s largest and most diverse building materials suppliers. Established in 1929, Bristile Roofing manufactures and installs concrete and ceramic roof tiles as well as metal roofing, fascia and gutter, and a growing range of innovative roofing solutions. The soon to be launched integrated solar tile is the latest innovation from the national roofing leader and further increases the range of solutions it can offer to the consumer and builder markets.

With an ever increasing number of builders offering solar and energy storage solutions, Bristile Roofing expects to install the innovative new integrated solar and sonnen battery and energy management solution to as many as 102,000 new homes throughout Australia in 2017-18.

The sonnen battery and energy management solution is German made and is designed to meet the highest standards in safety and quality. Founded in 2008, sonnen is the world’s number one supplier of battery storage systems, having installed a total of 20,000 systems throughout Europe and the United States. In Australia, the company will now offer Australian home owners their industry leading technology and expects the market take up to be considerable given the enthusiasm consumers have shown for solar power solutions.

General Manager for Bristile Roofing nationally, Ross Baxter, says, “Bristile Roofing are Australia’s leader in roofing solutions and shortly we will lead the market in stylish solar solutions also. When selecting a partner for battery and energy management solution, sonnen was our logical choice, with a proven track record in developing the most efficient and intelligent battery storage and energy management systems.”


Chris Parratt, CEO of sonnen Australia, said: “We are delighted to partner with Bristile because of their prominent involvement in supplying quality products to the building industry and particularly excited about the new integrated solar tile technology that Bristile Roofing intend to offer the market later this year.

The new home market is going to be one of the biggest channels for solar and storage as it will be a prominent feature for home builders in their designs.”

Under the partnership, Bristile will offer the sonnen AC Coupled modular system to the builder market and for the first time the new sonnen DC Hybrid range. These come in both single and three phase units so that Bristile can meet all types of electrical standards in new housing designs.

The sonnen storage system includes all the components required in a solar system integrated in one unit. The Sonnen system includes an inverter, battery modules, and energy management system with built-in smart appliance control. Sonnen systems are warrantied d for 10 years, but the system is designed for a 20-year life.

Article by John Pagsolingan

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