Austral Masonry extends Northern New South Wales Landscaping Range

Austral Masonry – part of the Brickworks Building Products group – has reinvigorated its Northern New South Wales landscaping range with new colours, and an additional retaining wall range.

Austral Masonry’s range of concrete retaining wall and paver options have become incredibly popular with do it yourself weekend warriors and industry professionals alike thanks to their easy installation, low maintenance, and modern finish.

Grandwall retaining wall in colour Sand

One new addition is the Grandwall range of retaining wall blocks. This short and wide retaining wall block creates a modern linear finish with a very slight 10mm set back for a near vertical wall. Ideal for straight or curved walls, the Grandwall block features two interlocking lugs at the top which secures one block to the block above. The new range will initially be released in the bold, textured split face finish and two colours: Sand and Charcoal.

This new range has been introduced in addition to popular existing ranges like the Flinders range, which, like the Grandwall range, is locally manufactured at the Austral Masonry Coffs Harbour plant and is offered in Beach and Charcoal colour options. The diamond shaped Flinders block can be used for straight walls, curves or even garden steps.

The range of pavers on offer remains diverse and tailored to suit the residential and commercial markets.

In the residential paving range, the Harbourpave range will continue to be offered in four colours and 190 by 190mm size.

Broadway pavers in colour Almond

The Broadway range is available in three sizes/formats (300x150mm, 300x300mm and 400x400mm), which can be used individually or with various sizes combined in the same application to create a modern design.

Camino pavers meanwhile are a small format paver (230 x115mm) and are ideal for backyard and driveway applications. Like all concrete pavers, Camino offer outstanding strength and durability with minimal maintenance requirements.

In the commercial paving range, Austral Masonry offers the Interlock, Techpave and Causeway ranges.

Techpave installed at Port Botany Shipping Terminal in Sydney

The Interlock and Techpave are workhorses of the construction industry, used in various industrial and commercial applications including Patrick’s Port Botany container terminal in Sydney. These pavers offer strength, durability and ability to support heavy loads with excellent design life and low remediation costs when compared with competing products.

The final offering in the paving range is Causeway pavers. These are a unique permeable paving product, which means they allow water and run off to drain through gaps between the pavers when their installed. This run off can be captured in a tanked system or allowed to flow into the sub groundwater system, depending on the run off quality and the desired outcome. In either case, Causeway pavers can be used to reduce the drainage infrastructure required on various projects.

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